Book #1Curse of the Chosen One Book #2The Blue Amulet
Book #1Curse of the Chosen One
The year is 1746. On a late summer afternoon in the Scottish Highlands, a young wife and mother, Isaboe McKinnon, falls asleep in a faerie ring and is unwittingly transported to the realm of the fey. Terrified and confused after returning...
Book #2The Blue Amulet
It’s a very cold winter in 1766, and a pregnant Isaboe McKinnon sets off alone on an arduous journey across Scotland in search of her family. Her only companion is Lorien; the nefarious Fey Queen of Euphoria, who fills Isaboe’s head with false and twisted truths, determined to possess her unborn feymora child.

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What People Are Saying

The storyline was seamless. I was turning pages and found myself becoming one with the tale and loved every word. I knew the characters. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. The imagery was beautiful. I could see it all in my mind’s eye, and feel the sadness in my heart when intended. This first book in the Mark Of The Faerie series has the makings of a masterpiece. I can't wait to read Book two!
Michele Ethier Anderson (Misha)
Author of Dolphins A Wing
Such a perfect time for another mystic series that offers a breath of freshness and a take on the other magical places we have heard of. The author does a wonderful job writing colorful and textured images for our imagination to visualize. Offering a sense of adventure, romance, and mystery all woven together I couldn't put this book down. Eagerly anticipating the release of the remaining book series. There is so much to offer and satisfy my inquiring mind. Such a beautiful story with rich characters, highly recommend if you are looking for another great series and magical world to get lost in.
Amy Fortner
Castle Rock, Colorado