Book #1Curse of the Chosen One Book #2The Blue Amulet Book #3The First Feymora
Book #1Curse of the Chosen One
The year is 1746. On a late summer afternoon in the Scottish Highlands, a young wife and mother, Isaboe McKinnon, falls asleep in a faerie ring and is unwittingly transported to the realm of the fey. Terrified and confused after returning...
Book #2The Blue Amulet
It’s a very cold winter in 1766, and a pregnant Isaboe McKinnon sets off alone on an arduous journey across Scotland in search of her family. Her only companion is Lorien; the nefarious Fey Queen of Euphoria, who fills Isaboe’s head with false and twisted truths, determined to possess her unborn feymora child.
Book #3The First Feymora
During the winter of 1767, on the Island of Orkney off the north coast of Scotland, a small band of weary travelers slowly makes its way toward the heart of the island hoping to find a safe place to call home. Connor Grant and Isaboe McKinnon are desperate to protect their newborn daughter, Kaitlyn, a gifted child who is now the center of their lives.

Episode 113: Patricia Rae: Fantasy Author and Authorpreneur

Mark of the Faerie Series

Curse Of The Chosen One

The Blue Amulet

The First Feymora

The First Feymora

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